The City of Reno… The City of Sin?

The City of Reno… The City of Sin?

“…I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die…” – Johnny Cash. Perhaps one of the more memorable lines in American music history, Johnny Cash has immortalized the city of Reno with but a single line from his classic hit single, “Folsom Prison Blues.” Not just the city of Reno, but also its accompanying stigma as a city of sin with it. Albeit being a city most famous (notoriously?) for its gambling, quicksilver weddings, and violence, but to name a few, the city of Reno is still regarded as one of the most famous cities worth visiting in America. Ironically, it is because of its being a city of sin and vice is what makes the city of Reno attractive to visitors. Paris has its romance, New York its smell of money, but the city of Reno has its fine mix of vice and excitement.

Surprisingly, vice isn’t the only thing worth its salt in Reno. Sightseeing is one healthy alternative. There’s the National Automobile Museum, the Rancho San Rafael Park, and the Truckee River Walk for example. Forgoing the usual debauchery, or perhaps wanting a “stay of execution” from the tables, you can’t beat sightseeing.

Another alternative are concerts and shopping. Although shopping and gambling aren’t that too far apart, both pose a threat to one’s sanity in excess, and both possess that hated quality of burning deep, deep holes in your pocket, it still is a relatively healthy alternative to the slots. Concerts also abound in this fair city, where a flotilla of famous and not-so-famous entertainers make the city their home. For those wanting in culture, a lot of museums and art galleries can be found too. Festivals and street fairs are also a dime-a-dozen. You can even catch one of these street fairs without even trying. Most likely on one of your jaunts around the city, you will find a street fair or festival happening.

Whether it be Reno North, Reno East Central, Southwest Reno or Downtown Reno, you will definitely find something fun and entertaining to do. Be it dining, shopping, exploring, learning, getting wed and of course, gambling, the city of Reno will not let you down in keeping you from getting bored. The city of sin? In a way maybe, yet the city of Reno has tons more to offer than its famous fare of gambling. Let Paris have their romance, Reno has its own brand as showcased by its wedding chapels. Let New York have their money, Reno is overflowing with it in their casinos. The city of sin you say? More like the city to see.

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